Trying to get a message across to the general public?

Look no further than videography. A key element in this modern age, videography is used anywhere and everywhere as a quick, informative solution to promoting a brand, product or service. With such a high demand for videography, use this to your advantage and start promoting your company with up to date creative content. 



Creative Individuals was challenged with creating promotional videos for one of Malta’s top Blockchain and Digital Innovation networking events, Delta Summit. The video content produced during the lead up to their event was vital as they wanted to achieve maximum attendance and create a hype so we put a plan of action in place and made a stand out video to engage their target audience. It’s so important to promote events with video content.

One of our most popular videos, we helped Intercontinental Hotels Malta recreate scenes from Home Alone to boost their Christmas campaign and it worked a treat. Our creative individuals spent a lot of time with their marketing team to achieve the best possible success rates from this video campaign. We wanted to engage their target audience and produce something they would enjoy and relate to (because everyone’s watched Home Alone right?!)



Video content can be shared anywhere and Pupa wanted theirs populated across social media platforms and also TV. We knew this needed to be an eye-catching advert promoting brand new products engaging their target audience. Keeping the video content short but informative was key with this project and the staging was equally important. Keeping the brand colours consistent throughout the video made a huge impact and helps customers remember the company.



Here at Creative Individuals we have a highly experienced videography department ready to shoot! Whether it’s a menu launch, a construction project or hotel revamp we can film it. Your crazy ideas will be turned into reality with top quality video content.
Training presentation, corporate networking and brand promotions we cover it all. Whatever your corporate requirement we can help. We’ve worked with companies ranging from recruitment agencies to solicitors and more and we will always cater for your individual needs.
Considered as one of our main areas of expertise, event promo and coverage is also one of our favourite services to film. We’ll start with the lead up to your event, creating hype and increasing engagement and lead straight through to your event coverage, capturing the buzz and creating awesome video content.
With social media being so powerful in this age, your content needs to stand out. We can do this for you with short, informative and engaging video content targeted at your market audience. Whether it’s your brand, a product or service it needs to be showcased on social media
Looking to promote your business? Look no further. We have a whole lot of experience promoting businesses internationally and know how to tailor our video content to suit you. If you have willing staff to act for us, that’s a bonus too! We like to present a true representation of your business
If you’re looking to launch a new product the best way of doing this is with video content. Today’s consumers want to see something in action before they think about making a purchase or building a foundation with a brand, keep that in mind when planning your marketing strategy.
Interviews, ‘a day in the life of’ and much more. We really enjoy helping our clients make documentaries surrounding a business or brand as it’s real life and that’s what consumers want to see. We’re fully stocked on incredible audio equipment, so give us a shout if you’re looking for reliable videographers with lots of experience.
frequently asked questions
Below you’ll find what we believe to be the most frequently asked questions regarding Videography. If you have more questions you can always feel free to reach out to us via our contact page or give us a call.

Why is videography important?

The modern customer wants to see your business/product/service in action. It can capture a wide audience and works on so many levels.

What budget should I have for video content?

Videos can be created to fit any budget, big or small, but remember the more you invest, the better your video will be. We create bespoke quotes for our clients dependant on requirements.

How long does it take to create a video?

This is dependant on your requirements and the type of video you want. On average from the start of filming to the final product we would spend approx. 8 hours

What equipment do you have?

Sony A7S Mark 2
Sony A60500
Zyon Crane Stabilisers
Rode Video Mic
Rode Lapel Mic (to get the best audio quality)
Adequate lighting equipment

What video content can you make?

We can make any content you require. Our creative individuals have worked with many industries and covered the following services; corporate, events, social media, promotions, documentaries.