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We decided it was time to get personal and shed some light on who exactly is behind Creative Individuals. We’re a very transparent company and we love to build an amazing working relationship with our current and prospective customers. We decided to sit down with our Creative Director, Jake and find out more about what his role is within Creative Individuals.

We decided to throw some quick fire questions his way and see just what his answers were:

What is your name, age and where do you come from?

I’m Jake, I’m 28 and I’m from Adlington, bottom end of course.

What is your role at Creative Individuals?

I’m the Creative Director, also known as a f*cking legend. I do everything creative from video production, photography, branding and website design. Basically anything that isn’t to do with spelling. I’m also a legend, did I mention that?

What led you to where you are now?

So I worked as a Civil Engineer a few years ago and designed their website which made me realise I had become obsessed with all things creative. I have an art background from school and college so already had an interest. I started making websites for small local businesses when I had the opportunity to move to Malta where I first created Creative Individuals. I’ve never looked back since. I’m now creating content for brands all around the world and I’m legendary.

So, what is your favourite part of owning a Creative Digital Agency?

Having creative freedom.

That’s enough about work, what are your hobbies aside from running a creative business?

I love taking photos in my spare time, catching massive fish, getting outdoors wild camping and walking in the lakes particularly. I try to do everything I can to keep my mind off business in my free time as it is hard to switch off. But just day to day I try to be as legendary as possible.

What’s your favourite food?


Your go to beveragino…

Magners cider with a Woodford Reserve whiskey chaser (bottle not chaser).

Tell us a fun fact about yourself!

I can play the Lord of the Rings shire song on a flute through my nose. Don’t ask how I realised I could do that.

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