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We decided it was time to get personal and shed some light on who exactly is behind Creative Individuals. We’re a very transparent company and we love to build an amazing working relationship with our current and prospective customers. We decided to sit down with our Operations Director, Meg and find out more about what her role is within Creative Individuals.

We decided to throw some quick-fire questions her way (as quick fire as possible when there’s so much to share) and see just what her answers were:

What is your name, age and where do you come from?

I’m Megan Unsworth, better known as Meg. I’m 26 and I’m from Adlington (born and bred).

What is your role at Creative Individuals?

In brief, my role as Operational Director consists of managing the day to day activities within the business, keeping everyone on track, where they need to be and at what time etc. I also do ad hoc website design, photo editing and anything else that’s required of me!

What led you to being the operations director ?

Well, I met Jake back in 2013 and at this point I was in an administrative role with the local council, just making enough money to go out and party as that was all 18 year old me wanted to do. Fast forward a few years, Jake and I moved to Malta to start a new chapter. I was in a job that I didn’t enjoy, but I was making enough money to fund living abroad and was able to do everything I wanted to do whilst I was there.

When we decided to move back to the UK, I had my mind set on being my own boss. As you’ll read in Jake’s bio, he had set up Creative Individuals whilst we lived in Malta so for me it was the perfect opportunity to learn new skills and work on something I was passionate about whilst being self-employed. That was back in April 2019. Fast forward two and a half years and here I am, Operational Director of a successful digital marketing agency.

So, had you trained in website design or creative studies or operations studies at all?

No, I’ve never studied to learn what I know now. Over the past few years I have been self-teaching website design, photo editing and basic (I mean very basic) video editing. I tend to leave the video production to Jake! I’m now at the point where I lead most web design projects with an incredible success rate. I’m really happy to have learnt a new skill to propel me further in my role here. My administrative experience in the past means my strengths lie in the operational side of the business. I just enjoy dipping my toe in the creative part too.

That’s enough about work, what are your hobbies aside from running a business?

I always say I’m the kind of person without hobbies but when I really think about it, I love getting away on the weekend. Whether it’s a trip to a city or paddle boarding in the lakes. I’m currently wedding planning, which takes a lot of my mental capacity (A LOT of my mental capacity haha!) I also love spending time with my family and friends. Whether it’s a Sunday roast, a few drinks or sitting in front of the TV with a glass of wine.

What’s your favourite food?

Ooh, this is such a hard one to answer, as much as I try not to have it too often I bloody love pizza but my body says no! Also always craving a chicken and prawn pad thai from Wagamamas!

Your go to brew…

I could drink iced coffee all year round. It’s very simple and probably boring but give me an iced caramel latte any day.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself!

Oh god I feel really boring when I’m asked this… let me think… I used to do singing lessons as a teenager and I can sing opera (not in front of anyone, but I promise I can!)

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